Scheu Isofolan Foil 0.1 x 125 mm 100/pk - 3207

Scheu Isofolan Foil 0.1 x 125 mm 100/pk - 3207

Scheu Biocryl

Scheu Biocryl "C" 125 mm 10/pk

Scheu Durasoft Pre Dried

Application :
Miniplast splints, bruxism splints, occlusal splints

Specifically for simple fabrication of coloured intra-oral anti-snoring devices. Blue colour increases aesthetics.

Discolouration resistant inner layer for DURASOFT pd splints. Specifically designed for long - term use splints such as intra - oral anti-snoring devices.

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Clear 1.2 x 125 mm 10/pk - 3342
Seal Blue 0.1 x 125 mm 10/pk - 3339
Clear 1.8 x 125 mm 10/pk - 3388
Blue Hard/Soft 1.8 x 125 mm 10/pk - 3347

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Clear 2.5 x 125 mm 10/pk - 3387
Seal Clear 0.1 x 125 mm 10/pk - 3338

Scheu Durasoft Pre Dried

Break and abrasion-resistant sandwich Material – hard on one side and soft on the other 0.8 mm hard, 1.0 mm soft (1.8 mm) 1.2 mm hard, 1.3 mm soft (2.5 mm). The hard side bonds to acrylic. Application: periodontal splints, night-guards, bite splints. Predried and individually vacuum sealed, for instant use.


Pressure moulding material made of thermoplastic polyurethane.Forms a robust inner layer of DURASOFT® splints toincrease discoloration resistance and creates a soft innersurface feel.

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