RMO Edgewise Brackets Kit with Hook 3,4,5

RMO Edgewise Brackets Kit with Hook 3,4,5

Axim Passive Dam Self Ligating Metal Bracket Kit - ADAK

Axim Passive Dam Self Ligating Metal Bracket Kit - ADAK

Dentaurum Equilibrium Roth Mini 018 With 1st Molar Weldable Tube UT/LD & 2nd Molar Weldable Single Tube Pack of 28/Pcs

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equilibrium® brackets are metal brackets with the smallest VSI-Factor* world wide and give the orthodontist new perspectives for perfect results and an aesthetically pleasing and economically. Mini Brackets are world's smallest brackets.

Note :- 3 Kits Per Box would be packed in case of Extraction & Canine to Canine kits Order

The equilibrium® family is Dentaurum’s standard bracket series. They are formed, milled and further processed out of rod material using many tried and tested working stages. Brackets in theequilibrium family are also genuine one-piece brackets. They are produced in one piece; body, baseand hooks. This makes the brackets especially biocompatible, as no solder is involved.

Optimal bond strength and easy debonding.
The patented laser-structured base of Dentaurum brackets also guarantees a reliable bond duringtreatment with the equilibrium®1 brackets. The ideal distribution of micro and macro retention produces an optimal bond of tooth/adhesive to the bracket. Uniform retention prevents prematuredebonding of the brackets.

Easy handling and reliable treatment.
All equilibrium brackets have biocompatible laser marking2® for better identification and positioning. FDI notation is also laser marked on the base. This system of symbols aids in assigning each bracket to a specific tooth.The laser marking is abrasion resistant and doesnot contain any harmful coloring agents.

Proven design.
The design of equilibrium® brackets provides excellent bracket tie wing undercuts, which also allow the use of multiple ligatures at any time.The mesial and distal edges have been designedto make it even easier to grip and place the brackets. The design of the rhomboid base withadditional central marking facilitates placementon the clinical crown. The low In/Out values enable an ideal application of force.

Equilibrium Mini
Mini bracket – maximum performance.Thanks to highly modern computer-aided construction and processing methods, Dentaurumsucceeded in developing one of the smallest brackets in the world (VSI factor = 0.78)* – equilibrium mini. The bracket epitomizes unsurpassed aesthetics combined with maximumfunctionality. Its compact size opens up completelynew perspectives for the operator in terms ofperfect aesthetics combined with high-quality treatment. Despite its compact size, equilibrium®mini does not sacrifice full controlof torque and angulation.®  

Equilibrium 2

Patented laser-structured baseensures an ideal bond.
The base is not retained via an additional, solderedmesh pad, but instead incorporates a biocompatiblelaser structure, which is patented by Dentaurum.This laser structure has a uniform distribution ofmicro and macro retention, which produces anideal bond between bracket, adhesive andtooth. There are no other alloys or solder usedduring the production of Dentaurum brackets. 1

Outstanding bracket designguarantees easy handling.
The design of equilibrium 2 features excellentlarge tie wing undercuts on the bracket, whichallow the use of multiple ligatures. The mesial anddistal ends of the bracket have been designed tomake it even easier to grip and place the brackets.Clear laser marking2® and FDI notation on the baseaid in assigning the correct bracket to each tooth.

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