Playbox  Wild Track - 7 Arctic Trees, 12 Tracks and 3 Cars

Playbox Wild Track - 7 Arctic Trees, 12 Tracks and 3 Cars

Playbox Get Set Go

Playbox Get Set Go

Playbox Speedy Wheels


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  1. With click-clack track vehicles and a zig zag toy car racing track toys ramp, fun and safe wooden toys for children 12 months and older. Four wood cars, No plastics! Quality oak wood was used to construct the racetracks. For young children, automobiles are secure. Size: 24 * 9 * 24 CM
  2. Start the toy car from the top track and watch it go down the zig zag car ramp level by level until it reaches the bottom track. When playing or keeping the cars safe when not playing, the obstacle at the bottom of the track might block the racing cars. Raise the barricade to allow them to escape once more. Unique gifts A favorite automobile ramp wooden toy for children aged 12 months and older is a wooden toy for kids.
  3. It is delivered, finished, and prepared for usage. Because of this, Young children like it endlessly. Why spend more money on a car ramp racer or playset for a vehicle garage when these car racing track toys make both sorts of car toys for kids even more entertaining? You can race the cars on the race track, park the cars on the bottom racing track with the barrier locked, or play with the wooden cars alone.
  4. For kids 12 months and older, this wooden vehicle ramp racer is appropriate. It is usually advised that an adult observes and takes pleasure in seeing children interact with this kid-friendly racing car track set toy for kids. The best wooden toys for children ages 2 and 3 are car slides.
  5. Healthy and Eco-Friendly: Our top objectives are the well-being and the safety of the wooden toys for children. Our wooden toys for kids are made with compassion and consideration for our kids and the environment. Our wooden toys for children are produced from sustainable wood and painted with non-toxic, eco-friendly paints.
  6. When creating wooden toys for kids, we want kids to use their imaginations instead of following directions. For any game they play, most kids are accustomed to following a set of instructions, and they constantly check to see whether their actions are accurate after each point. While many wooden toys for kids can benefit from this strategy, kids should also be free to invent and innovate according to their creative impulses.


1 Ramp and 4 Cars.


  • Length : 24 cm [Ramp Racer]
  • Width : 9 cm [Ramp Racer]
  • Height : 24 cm [Ramp Racer]
  • Weight : 1 Kg 80 g


Use a dry cloth to remove any dust. 
No assembly required.

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