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Playbox Get Set Go

Playbox Wooden Magblocks

Playbox Wooden Magblocks

Playbox Magbox - Magnetic Toy

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Pack of 30 Pcs Pack of 30 Pcs
was ₹1,125.00 Special Price ₹900.00
Pack of 50 Pcs Pack of 50 Pcs
was ₹1,815.00 Special Price ₹1,450.00
Pack of 64 Pcs Pack of 64 Pcs
was ₹2,450.00 Special Price ₹1,950.00


Magbox offers numerous modes and unlimited possibilities. With 30/50 pieces in various shapes, your child can choose between curved & straight shapes in different lengths, develop their creativity, and plan intricate designs with our dazzling colors, which spark the imagination and give each model an artistic touch. The balloon-like shape of the magnets turns every day into a party.

It fosters creativity and self-assurance, allowing your children to use their imaginations and develop original ideas. Create a model in your head by designing it. The models can be put together quickly and easily thanks to the high-quality, susceptible magnets. Enjoy seeing your child successfully put together a model.

Magbox is a 30/50 piece set with magnetic curve rods, tiny magnetic rods, large magnetic rods, and balls.

Since 2021, Playbox India has been handcrafting high-quality, contemporary wood toys stores in India. Each wooden toy for children is made to encourage children's imagination and creativity to grow. We create the conditions for the play to occur, not the play itself. We don't include printed instructions, manuals, or photographs with our wooden toys for kids, so they can fully express their creativity and develop original inventions. This assures that they are not constrained and can make whatever they want.


  • Pack of 30 pcs : 10 Balls, 10 Small Sticks, 6 Large Sticks and 4 Curve Sticks.
  • Pack of 50 pcs : 18 Balls, 14 Small Sticks, 10 Large Sticks and 8 Curve Sticks.
  • Pack of 64 pcs : 18 Balls, 22 Small Sticks, 16 Large Sticks and 8 Curve Sticks.


  • Length : 8.5 cm [Large Stick]
  • Diameter : 1.5 cm [Large Stick]
  • Weight : 425 g [Pack of 30 pcs]
  • Weight : 730 g [Pack of 50 pcs]


Use a dry cloth to remove any dust. 
No assembly required.

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