How To Place An Order

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How to Place an order


We’ve made order placing procedure easy for our customers. You only need to follow these 6 simple steps-

Step 1: Selection of The Products

1. Select the size, color or quantity if necessary

2. Add the product in your shopping cart

Step 2 : Checkout when item selection is completed

1. Click on the CART button to review the product(s) selected and make some modifications if necessary

2. Then you can check out if the products in the cart are sufficient as per your requirements otherwise click CONTINUE SHOPPING

Step 3 : Our Web Special Offer

1. If you need any items which come in our web special offer you can choose it otherwise close it.

Step 4 : Login/Sign Up your Libral account

1. Choose Login if you already Registered Customers on our site;

2. Choose to Sign Up if you want to make an account . Click on Create New Account

Step 5 : Complete shipping and billing information

1. Fill in the complete shipping address details.

2. Select Shipping Methods.

3. Select Payment Methods.

4. Click on PLACE ORDER button.

Step 6 : Confirmation on Purchase

1. This is the confirmation message against your order.