Poster English Root Canal Treatment (Paper) PO-085

Poster English Root Canal Treatment (Paper) PO-085

Heraeus Gluma Desensitizer 5 ML

Heraeus Gluma Desensitizer 5 ML

Heraeus Memosil 2 - (2 x 50 ml)

Vinylpoly siloxane for direct application, transparent
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The bite registrations and Memosil 2 on A-silicone base are versatile and can be used from prosthetics to conservative dentistry to implantology and orthodontics. They contrast with patient’s incisal edges with less force, have a high  nal hardness and can be taken out of the mouth without risk of breakage. The automatic mixing system saves time and reduces the risk of failure.

Memosil 2 is a transparent A-silicone for special indications. Its transparency allows optical control when positioning aids (e.g. X-ray pellets). Light-curing is possible for  lling and  xative materials through placeholders with Memosil 2.

■ Occlusal stamp for light-curing posterior composite
■ Anterior stamp for provisionals, fillings and veneers
■ Fixation material for X-ray pellets when planning implants
■ Transfer matrix models for bracket constructions on the plaster model. The brackets can be easily transferred to the posterior area

Easy and fast direct application possible in the mouth
Light-curing of composites through Memosil 2 is possible.
■ No inhibition layer on composite-filling materials
■ Neutral taste and odour
■ Desinfectabl

Memosil 2
50 ml Automix Cartridge Refill

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