CAT Elevators Coupland Broad Edge 4B - 62.501.03

CAT Elevators Coupland Broad Edge 4B - 62.501.03

Harvard Polycarboxylat Cement

Harvard Polycarboxylat Cement

Harvard Zinc Phosphate Cement

Zinc Phosphate Cement for Permanent Luting, Cavity Lining of Large Restorations and for Linings


Instruction for Use                 Zinc Phosphate Cement 

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Set (100 Gms + 40 ml) - 7002201K
Powder 100 Gms - 7002201
Liquid 40 ml - 7002300
Set (35 Gms + 15 ml) - 7002501K
Powder 35 Gms - 7002501
Liquid 15 ml - 7002600


  • Zinc phosphate cement for permanent luting of crowns and bridges, inlays and onlays on natural core and for luting supraconstructions on implants

  - for crowns and bridges made of zirconia, aluminum oxide, lithiumdisilicate, silicate
  - for classical metals such as gold crowns and gold inlays
  - for temporary fillings in posterior teeth   

  • Liner for all types of filling materials


  • High compressive strength and thin film thickness  
  • Very low curing shrinkage and thermal expansion
  • Good biocompatibility

Other advantages

  • Easy and safe application
  • Unmatched price-performance ratio for luting and lining materials
  • Cement according to DIN EN ISO 9917-1
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