American Eagle Posterior Scaler M23 Montana Black Resin Handle

American Eagle Posterior Scaler M23 Montana Black Resin Handle

American Eagle Probe 12B Montana Black Stainless Steel Handle

American Eagle Probe 12B Montana Black Stainless Steel Handle

American Eagle Universal Blackjack Scalers With XP Technology - Blackjack

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Blackjack Scalers

Designed with the hygienist in mind, the Blackjack™ has a favorable blade design ideal for removing calculus and stains in all anterior and interproximal areas, as well as access throughout the posterior. In addition to stainless steel tips, the Blackjack is also manufactured with AEI’s patented sharpen-free XP Technology for a blade that maintains its factory edge throughout the life of the instrument. Blackjack is available in EagleLite® resin or stainless steel handles. Plus, responding to repeated requests from dental hygienists throughout the world, American Eagle makes the Blackjack in Quik-Tip™ cone sockets in both Talon Tough stainless steel and sharpen-free XP Technology.


Since 1992 American Eagle Instruments has been a leader in providing the dental industry with the hardest and sharpest right out of the package stainless steel curettes and scalers. AEI has manufactured excellence for over 20 year with our perfection of heat and cryogenics treatements for our Talon Tough line of stainless stell instruments. These proprietary processes enable the clinician to experience a noticeable difference in edge retention. Additionally, as a fully integrated manufacturing facility, we  are able to maintain the highest quality standards from raw materials to finished product. American eagle instruments stands behind our entire products offering with our 100% customer satisfication guarantee.

Scalers Quality
Each American Eagle instrument is crafted by hand.  Tips are fabricated individually by highly skilled precision technicians.  Each instrument is continually held to strict quality controls during each stage of fabrication. We know you have come to expect nothing but the best from the company that has promised to deliver “Better Dentistry by Design”.


XP Technology is a patented surface engineering process. This technology is a proprietary process in which the metallurgical composition of the instrument’s surface is enhanced, giving it the properties of a much more durable material. This process allows us to put a much sharper edge onto a thinner blade, eliminating the time-consuming and imperfect process of sharpening your instruments.

Standard dental instruments are manufactured using stainless and carbon steels, reaching a Rockwell scale hardness of between 58 and 63. The special characteristics of XP Technology achieve an incredible Rockwell  scale hardness of 89. This makes our instruments the most durable instruments on the market.

Independent studies have shown XP Technology to be a revolutionary technical advancement in the dental industry. Dr. Phillip A. Watson from the University of Toronto was able to prove the phenomenal wearability of instruments manufactured with XP Technology over the same instruments produced with the best available stainless steel.

How to properly use XP TECHNOLOGY

Holding the instrument
Barely hold the instrument using a light, “exploratory scaling” touch.
Shave through calculus using a few light strokes; do not fracture off calculus.

+ A lighter touch aids in ergonomic hand protection and minimizes the risk of wrist/hand problems
+ A lighter touch increases instrument longevity
+ Less likely to burnish calculus with an always-sharp blade
+ Saves time
+ Enhances patient comfort
+ Decreases scaling noise for auditory comfort
+ Less lateral pressure for scaling efficacy

+ XP instruments are designed for fine subgingival scaling and root planing. Avoid using them on margins and overhangs.
+ You don’t need to change the way you scale or root plane; simply use less force and a lighter grip.
+Due to a thinner blade design, we do not recommendthat you re-sharpen your XP instruments.
+With proper use and maintenance, you can expect your XP instruments to last as long as your stainless steel instruments, without needing to re-sharpen.

Brand Name American Eagle

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